DTR Track Rules

  • Consumption of Alcoholic beverages or Drugs by drivers or crew members is strictly prohibited. Consumption of Alcohol by a minor is strictly prohibited.
  • Illegal narcotics or drugs are not tolerated. If you are caught or suspected of using or having illegal narcotics or drugs the Sheriff will be notified.
  • Vandalism or fighting will result in being permanently barred from Desert Thunder Raceway.
  • No Glass bottles are allowed on Desert Thunder property.
  • All pit vehicles, pit bikes, scooters, ATV’s and other pit vehicles must display competition number and yield to race vehicles at all times. Keep speed below 5 mph. Violators will be asked to leave. Watch for children and pedestrians at all times!
  • Return road is for racers only, and speed will be kept to a minimum at all times.
  • Grudge races are allowed, BUT you must line up in the same staging lane one behind the other and notify staging operator.
  • Pit arm bands are required in pit area, including drivers.
  • This is a family-oriented environment so please keep your language appropriate. You will be asked to leave for use of inappropriate language.
  • Courtesy staging is in effect. No deep staging! The starter will back you up 1 time only if tree has not activated during time trials only.
  • All vehicles must have a tech sticker before participating.
  • Making your class call is your responsibility.
  • All complaints will be directed to tech official. Anyone addressing complaints to starting line personnel may be disqualified.
  • Stay in your lane all the way to the end of the shutdown area. Tower lane has right of way.
  • Passengers allowed during time trials only in cars or trucks slower than 9 sec 1/8 mile. All passengers must be 12 or older, meet safety requirements & have signed a release.
  • Driving recklessly on Desert Thunder Raceway property will not be tolerated.
  • If your car breaks during time trials or eliminations, no refunds or rain checks will be given.

STREET CAR – 9.00 and slower 1/8 mile
DRIVELINE: Drive shaft loop mandatory on any vehicle using racing slicks.
HELMET: Recommended, SN 90 or newer mandatory on all entries running 8.59 1/8 mile or quicker. Entries running 8.49 1/8 mile & slower, helmet is recommended
ROLL BAR: Recommended
WINDOWS: Required and rolled up.
TRANSMISSION: Neutral safety switch required

SUPER STREET – 7.50 to 9.00 1/8 mile
DRIVELINE: Drive shaft loop required on any vehicle which uses racing slicks.
HELMET: SN 90 or newer mandatory.
ROLL BARR/ROLL CAGE: Roll bar or roll cage is mandatory on all convertibles
WINDOWS: Required and rolled up

RACE CAR – 6.50 to 7.49 1/8 mile. ALL ABOVE PLUS
AXLES: Aftermarket axles and axle retention device mandatory on entries running 6.99 and quicker 1/8 mile.
Driver restraint: Must meet SFI 16.1
FLEX PLATE/FLY WHEEL SHIELD: Mandatory if vehicle exceeds 135 mph.
ROLL BAR: Mandatory – CAGE: required if car exceeds 135 mph
WINDOWS: Required and rolled up.

QUICK CAR – 0 to 6.49 1/8 mile
Must meet all IHRA regulations as outlined in the Rule Book
See track technical official for tech sticker.

HELMET: Full coverage SN 90 or newer helmet
CLOTHING: Leather or Kevlar Jacket; gloves; full length protective pants and appropriate footwear required

CLOTHING: Jacket meeting SFI spec 3.2A-1 as well as full length pants, shoes, socks and gloves
RESTRAINT SYSTEM: Five point, 1¾” wide minimum driver restraint system mandatory.


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